Our Services

Service and Maintenance Brigade Tech Elevators & Escalators believes in services as it understands its responsibility & liability very well. That is why primary aim of company is to provide best services to their clients. Brigade Tech is leading as a service oriented elevator company. Brigade Tech comprehensive preventive maintenance program helps to keep elevator in minimum down-time & provide best return of your cost. Safe service & maintenance play significant role in increasing life of an elevator as Elevator is an output of Electric Electrical & Mechanical technologies.

  • Round the clock Maintenance.
  • Installation Engineers and maintenance specialists for now generation of elevator.
  • Assurance of availability of complete genuine parts.
  • Comprehensive maintenance contract to ensure safe & smooth operation with less operation with less operating expenses.
  • On site diagnostic arrangement helps Brigade Tech Engineer to keep elevator in minimum down time.
  • Flexible monthly or yearly maintenance scheduling.
  • Maintain National & International Safety Standards.
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Hydraulic Home Lift
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Hydraulic Office Lift
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Hydraulic System
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Hydraulic Office Lift

Annual Maintenance Contract

We undertake annual maintenance contracts which include monthly servicing and attending breakdown calls. Our technician will visit your building every month to service your elevator. The technician’s itineray monthly will include-

  • Making sure all the safety circuits are working properly.
  • Checking all parts for wear and tear, Checking oil and other lubrication clearing the elevator cabin and surroundings, etc.
  • The full list can be read in our maintenance supervisor will also inspect your elevator every year to confirm the proper servicing and maintenance of your elevator.

Elevator Modernization

We can Modernize any Manufacture’s equipment by adding new technology too your existing equipment, our techinicians can bring elevators into compliance with all applicable safety codes, increase elevator operational efficiency and performance, improve the appearance of your elevators, add passenger comfort and extend the life of your equipment to help you get more from your initial investement.