MRL Gearless Elevators

MRL (Gearless) elevators motors are not fixed in the machine room. This type of elevator motors are fixed in side the hoistway of the elevator shaft. The MRL motor are installed using permanent magnet which sticks the motor permanently and work with VVVF drive, This MRL design elevators eliminates the need of a machine room and this MRL elevators saves much building's space. All MRL elevators are commonly called gearless traction.

Major Advantages

No machine room
Saving on the cost of machine room
Saving on the time required to construct machine room
Better elevation
Lift can be taken to terrace
Faster installation
Power saving due to gearless machine


4 to 26 Passengers


Close Loop Selective Collective Controller with VVVF Drive and ARD


0.5 m/s to 2 m/s

Door Type

Telescopic Semi Automatic Door
Automatic Centre Opening Door
Automatic Telescopic Door